Innocent Black Man Darnell Wicker Shot Dead By Cops

A 911 call on domestic violence leaves the man of the house lifeless.

Police officers Taylor Banks and Beau Gadegaard responding to a domestic violence call ended up killing Darnell Wicker. The 57-year-old man was shot multiple times in his torso, right hand and legs.

When the responding officers arrived Wicker came out armed with a knife. “He came outside — he came out the door and was holding a knife in his hand, he started kind of swinging it around a little bit and he kind of came at us and so we shot,” an officer explains on the video.

Contrary to the police narration, two eyewitnesses, Anita Jones, Wicker’s girlfriend and Denita Jones gave their own version of the incident. “They just ran up past him — around him — and just said, ‘Drop your weapon!’ Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow!” Anita Jones described police not waiting for Wicker to drop the items. “He had no chance to drop the weapon.”

This is police untruthfulness in defense of killing an innocent Black. They didn’t give a chance for a man to drop whatever he held in his hands. They shot just right after they screamed to drop “it”. It seems like their goal was to kill the guy but not to maintain security for other people. If not for the witnesses this case would be forgotten and covered up as usually, it happens with police murders.

The American police can’t be trusted anymore. Their operations are skewed with false and discriminatory treatment against blacks. If the American police can’t disarm a Black American of a knife without shooting him or her, then what essence are our security agencies? The police service cannot exist for the protection of the lives of the white solely.

The radical approach of the American police against African-Americans is born out of brainless security techniques. The whites shouldn’t be treated as though they are first citizens. Darnell Wicker isn’t a terrorist to be disarmed with the bullet. The application of common sense by the America police could have saved his life. The spew of lies by the police against blacks may create grave mistrust against the police.

We can’t sit down and watch the police in dismay whilst they slaughter African Americans. We say NO to police discriminatory and senseless killings of Blacks in America. Equal treatment of all persons is what we demand.

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