Why Black Comedian Hangs Out With The Ku Klux Klan

One might be wondering why Comedian Kamau Bell is interacting with KKK members, who have terrorized black people over decades.

Maybe we can get the answers from the first episode of a new CNN original series titled United Shades Of America. The African-American Comedian in his episodes visits places where “you either wouldn’t expect he would go or where he absolutely shouldn’t go.”

Bell’s goal is to explore the nation’s most interesting subcultures and to learn how our differences unite and divide us. He connects with his subjects by combing hilarious moments with deeply disturbing interactions. It’s a risk, but one has to take.

The black comedian believes that comedy is a way to help him deal with “the emotionally draining process of being a black man interviewing people who vehemently hate blacks and other people of color.”

In one episode, he met the national director of the Knights of the KKK, Pastor Thomas Robb, for lunch in Harrison, Arkansas.

While chatting, Robb said, “White people have an inner drive for discipline and law and order.”

Bell in return asked ironical, “All white people?”. “Not all white people,” Robb replied. “Some are really trash.”

Bell went further and asked if Robb wants to join him for a dinner at his house, but he refused.

“Those robes carry a lot of weight. I never got that far from it. I never could disconnect from it. Most black people, most people of color who got that close to the Klan probably didn’t get away alive,” Bell said.

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