Black Man Denied Entrance Into Bar Because Of His Skin Color

A bouncer at a Grand Rapids bar told Marcel Price and his friends that there are three Black people in the bar already.

Marcel Price and his friends witnessed an embarrassing scene at about 1 am on July 30. Marcel had apparently gone to a bar to unwind during the weekend when were denied entry because they were Black.

Price posted a video footage of the racist incident on his Facebook page and had since been viewed by over 44,000 viewers.

According to Price, before he started recording the confrontation with the bouncer, he had asked him why there are being denied entry into the bar and the bouncer replied by saying that it was because of their skin color.

This is what got the attention of the Black man to start the recording since it was another situation of racial segregation.  In the video, the bouncer allegedly said that “we already have three Black people in here.” Immediately after saying that, he knocked the phone out of Price’s hands when he noticed he was being recorded.

Employees at the bar had since not made any comment yet about the incident, WZZM reports. Moreover according to WZZM, the manager of the bar had said that he will comment about the unfortunate confrontation soon.

In the meanwhile, a Grand Rapids police, Sgt. Terry Dixon has said that no report has been filed in relation to Price’s ordeal. He also added that the police was not called to the scene.

The bouncer’s respond to Price can’t enter the bar, makes it sound as though there is a quota for Black people who can enter a bar in America. Times of racial segregation are long past and it is about time all these racist folks wake up to the reality of our world now. Every citizen has a right to enter any public bar he/she wants unless he/she poses a threat to other people.

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