White Man Throws Beer Can At Black Woman And Yells Racial Slurs At Her

A Tinley Park man with awful criminal records, Elkanah Asher IV, charged with a hate crime after harassing Black woman.

The Tinley Park man is currently facing a hate crime charges after hurling racial slurs at African-American and subsequently throwing a can of beer at her earlier this month.

29-year-old Elkanah Asher IV was arrested at his residence after he assaulted a Black woman. The African-American, who happened to be a student of one of the Tinley Park beauty school in South Harlem Avenue, was on a cigarette break at about 2:22 p.m. on July 28. Asher, who was in the company of a male friend move towards the woman and without any provocation, started spewing racial slurs at her, the prosecutor said.

According to the prosecutor, the Tinley Park man said, “black lives don’t matter,” and “you n—ers need to go back to Africa.” Asher then threw a can of Ice House beer at the Black woman which, fortunately, didn’t hit her but fell close to where she stood. The frightened African-American woman quickly placed a call to the police.

Asher was later apprehended at his residence and his friend admitted to the police that he actually did assault the Black woman.

Asher is a known to be a sex predator and has a criminal sex record at the Illinois Sex Offender Registry for sexually abusing a 13-year-old in 2008. In December last year, Asher was also found guilty to a phone harassment charge.

The judge set Asher on a $100,000 bail and scheduled the next court hearing on August 25 in Bridgeview.

Such irresponsible acts need not go unpunished. If people are ready to stand up for racism, then they should pay the full price for their action. They need to understand that the law in America was made for all Americans to obey not just a section hence the white Americans are not above the law. They cannot continue to abuse innocent people just because there are Black and think that they will have their way. The action by the police and jury is a step in the right direction but we still won’t relent on our effort, we will continue to fight against these barbaric acts.

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