Hillary Doesn’t Deserve Black Votes

Young black voters give up on Mrs. Clinton

Black youth, who make up 10 percent of voters this year, doesn’t believe a Hillary presidency will make any difference to them. It is even probable that they would rather not vote at all because of their view that neither current candidate has a credible plan to meet their needs.

By comparing exit polls’ results, it is concluded that Hillary doesn’t have much of black support, regarding especially those who are younger than 45. And they are not to be blamed for voting reluctantly since Hillary did little to gain their trust.

For instance, Mrs. Clinton along with her husband is responsible for the mass incarceration of black people, and therefore, they owe more than an apology to the damaged families of wrongly convicted people. More than that, the presidential campaign of Clinton proves that not the slightest change is going to be made to improve lives of those, harmed by the 1994 crime bill, signed by Hillary Clinton’s husband.

Also, Clinton is well-remembered for calling Black youth “super-predators” back in 2008, which hardly describes her as a candidate who can expect loyalty from the black nation.

We have no doubts that a Hillary Clinton’s presidency will leave black people still facing a problem of unemployment. The current unemployment rate among young African Americans reaches up to 50.0 percent being painfully high in comparison with Whites.

The best thing Hillary could do is to redesign the methods used by Mr. Clinton to measure unemployment, which was created to manipulate “official” reported unemployment numbers for his own political purposes. However, we understand that Mrs. Clinton will tend to follow her husband’s policy and the problem will stay unsolved.

It should come as no surprise that a Clinton presidency will be disastrous for Black communities. She is the candidate most likely to ignore Black problems and concerns.

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