Legislative Regulations Needed For Facebook

Black Press wants Facebook, the new media king, to be regulated as they pose a threat to their existence.

The for-profit social network company, Facebook, has become a major threat to quite many news publishers, since they control almost a quarter of the world’s population, having over 1.65 billion active users monthly as of March 31, 2016. But what is really frustrating is how they filter the news feeds for their users.

The National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) calls government officials to take legislative regulations on Facebook “in an effort to bring some much-needed transparency to the new media king”.

The NNPA’s president and CEO, Benjamin F. Chavis, and chairperson, Denise Rolark-Barnes, wrote in a statement that, “the democratization of the media could be on a collision course with decidedly anti-democratic and arbitrary forces. Think of the proverbial tree that falls silently in the forest because no one is there to hear it. Will Facebook have the power to allow entire forests to fall without much notice?

It looks like White owners of Facebook promote subjects that are only beneficial and interesting to them. For example, the company has been several times accused of “manipulating its trending topics to suppress conservative news outlets and stories”.

Jillian C. York wrote for Quartz on Wednesday that the Black press is not the only one that has complained about how Facebook filters and advertizes what they want the readers to see. Others, especially minorities, such as “plus-sized women, sexual health organizations, indigenous groups, journalists, Europeans, artists, and LGBTQ groups and individuals”, have also experienced similar issues.

In this realm of strong white people, where everything has been bought and divided, there is no place for black voices. The only way to bring changes is through legislative regulations. But we all understand that the intervention of the law on the side of Black people is a utopia.

Howard Emeritus Professor, Clint C. Wilson II, suggested in an interview that the Black Press creates it’s own “Black Facebook” that will actualize what is important and close to Black people. In fact, this idea is not a utopia, and in the presence of at least one major investor it can be realized within the next years.

Black Matters will be glad to join and support such an initiative.

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