Police Sergeant Fired For Racist Comments

The commissioner says, “There is no place for these types of comments in the Providence Police Department”.

David Marchant, a veteran of the Providence Police Department got sacked for the racist comments he made about another police officer in December 2014. Marchant, for example, said it wouldn’t be a problem if the Black officer got sick because “he’s a Black guy anyway.” He was suspended and appealed to the court but his plea was denied and now he is terminated.

According to the Superior Court Judge Alice Gibney, Marchant’s statements were “hurtful, demeaning, degrading, and racist.

He said that those statements were jokes but both the Black officer and the judge don’t share his view.

The Black officer said that comments made him feel “hurt” and “disgusted” and “near speechless.”

Providence Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare said he believed that Marchant’s racist behavior had been going on for quite long time.

He does no longer deserve to be called the rank of sergeant. He’s no longer a Providence police officer. He’s David Marchant,” said Pare.

A spokesperson for the office of Mayor Jorge Elorza issued a statement, saying, “This decision sends a strong message that racial bias will not be tolerated in the Providence Police or in any city department. It is essential that all public servants treat Providence’s diverse community with respect.”

How many racist police officers should be fired for others to start thinking first before talking and doing? It’s great that one of them has lost the opportunity to harm black people while on-duty, but the only solution is complex reform in every Police Department.

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