Performance Of The Century: Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar At BET Awards

Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar opened the 2016 BET Awards with an explosive performance on “Freedom” Sunday night.

Seeing this performance live was a thing to delight. Artists have in many ways surprised their viewers, but Beyoncé and Kendrik Lamar have left the most of them behind. Their joint show made the opening of the annual ceremony unforgettable.

The 34-year-old Black stunning artist blew up the stage in a black leotard while her female troupe of dancers was heating up the audience. It was a night show dedicated to celebrate African-Americans and other minorities in every sphere of entertainment.

First it was only Beyoncé to perform on the stage, and then Kendrick Lamar joined her to drive the viewers crazy together.

Even though people said that the show was too low for Beyoncé, it didn’t deter her from going and supporting her fellow African-Americans who were also going to perform. She is an inspiration and an anchor in the music world to many Black young artists.

It’s important to mention that besides charming music, Beyoncé is doing a great social work by supporting protesters and addressing police brutality issue. Despite her fame, she never forgets about roots; she is proud of being Black and we are proud to see her succeed.

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