The 31-Year Anniversary Of The Bombing Of Osage Avenue In Philadelphia

On May 13, black people across the country stay silent in a sign of respect toward the victims of a bomb attack 1985.

A 24-hour siege of black radicals’ row house in Philadelphia that resulted in a fatal bombing will remain one of the most shameful acts in the history of the American nation.

The group of hostages involved members of a radical organization called MOVE. It was known for sparking multiple confrontations with Philadelphia city officials.

Day of tense hostage situation ended tragically when a State Police helicopter dropped the bomb designed to destroy a bunker atop the house and drop it through to the second floor. The explosives caused a small fire which quickly spread further over the entire neighborhood.

The Police Commissioner, Greg Sambor made a decision that cost people’s lives. The commissioner ordered a team of firefighters arriving at the scene not to fight the spreading blaze. That unconscionable tactic was deployed to drive out those who were barricaded inside the bombed house.

The fire killed a total of 11 people in the original bombed house and left more than 250 people homeless.

It should be noted that no legal proceedings were launched against the officials who were responsible for bombing and burning people alive.

It took the city of Philadelphia only $1.5 million to shut the mouths of a survivor and relatives of two members of the group who died in the fire.

Such a horrible crime against humanity can be neither forgotten, nor forgiven. Every single victim of the bombing needs to be avenged.

Our hearts go out to the victims of the Move bombing and their grieving families.

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