Racism Still Exists In Most States, Not Only In The South

Franchesca Ramsey, Black actress and comedian, believes that “so-called progressive Western states” are no less racist than notorious Southern states.

The most prominent racist region in the U.S. is the south. Mostly, people tend to refer all racist activities to the south but Ramsey during an episode of MTV’s Decoded expressed a more strict opinion, “Racism is a problem in the Northern and Western states too. And it always has been.

With only three examples to prove her claim, she silences all who doubted her opinion.

Firstly, she spoke about Sundown towns. These are towns where Black people were killed, lynched, brutalized when caught on the streets after the sunset. Between 1890 and 1930, about 3000-15000 towns were called “sundown towns.” Residents of these towns were mostly Whites and according to Ramsey, “if you were caught being black in that town after sundown, you wouldn’t survive the night.”

Secondly, she spoke about Oregon. “Oregon, Origin,” she remembered how they used to say it. Portland was originally founded as a Garden of Eden for white people in 1840. Black people were not allowed to move there until 1926. The few Blacks who managed to live in this hostile state could only enter the business world in the 1950’s. In 1922, the KKK recorded over 60% of their members living in Portland. Their legacy goes before them as an ideal place for racist people. As of 2015, 87.9% of people living in Oregon are Whites.

Finally, she talked about Redlining. During the recession in the 1930s, the Home Owner’s Loan Corporation drew a red line separating neighborhoods in which blacks could buy houses. Most of these homes were segregated, creating a racial wealth barrier which has been affecting Black people until this day. “Just like people inherit suburban homes owned by their grandparents, victims of redlining inherit the entire social, educational, and housing issues created generations ago that keep them oppressed,” Ramsey said.

Racism is not only Southern issue it is widespread in every American State. Actually after the white colonization America was never meant to be multiracial country.

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