Destitute, But Intelligent and Brilliant Prom Queen Graduates

“The more and more she’s around people who constantly tell her how smart she is, and how she can do anything she puts her mind to, the more she believes she can do anything now,” said principal Eugenia Young.

The story of this young beautiful Black girl will inspire you and show how most talented African-Americans struggle to succeed in all spheres of life.

Destyni Tyree’s journey hasn’t been a smooth ride and it’s not ended yet but now she successfully moved into a new period of her life after graduating from high school in two just years with an average mark 4.0.

To start with, she is homeless and lives with her single mother who had lost her job several years ago. Even though she would love to have her own space, she has to adjust and get used to her limited circumstance now.

This struggle and many others, like working 25 hours a week aside going to school, affected her studies so much so that she had to change different schools. “I had a lot of issues with classmates and teachers. It was just too much,” she said.

It was when she moved to Roosevelt A.T.A.Y. high school that she began to get back on track.

She is a joy to be around, she has a good heart,” said Eugenia Young, the principal of the school. She went on to call Tyree a “bubbly person” and a “phenomenal” student.

Tyree has no time to party and hang out with friends. She only has little time to study and her books are her closest allies. “I just time managed,” Tyree said. “I just wake up and do what I gotta do.”

She is excited to complete high school with distinction and now heads to the university. She wants all who are in the similar situation to look at her life and know that they can also excel and live beyond the limitations of life. Truly, her life is an inspiration.

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