Judge upholds Ex-NYPD Cop Peter Liang’s Conviction

Ex-NYPD cop who murdered Akai Gurley, an innocent unarmed black dad in the stairwell of a Brooklyn housing project in 2014 does not deserve a retrial.

A Brooklyn judge ruled on Thursday that a former New York Police Department (NYPD) Officer, Peter Liang, does not deserve a retrial.

According to State Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun, Liang’s defense attorneys did not prove that Michael Vargas, 62, known as Juror 9, committed juror misconduct during jury selection when he said no one in his close family had been accused of a crime.

Justice Chun’s ruling means the ex-NYPD cop will be sentenced on Tuesday, April 19, for the 2014 slaying of Akai Gurley, an innocent unarmed African-American dad.

In the aftermath of Liang’s conviction, his attorneys, Paul Shechtman and Gabriel J. Chin, filed a request for a new trial on the grounds that Vargas had lied to the court about his father’s criminal record before his selection and made comments on social media against law enforcement officers.

However, the judge ruled Shechtman and Chin failed to prove, as detailed in their motion, that Vargas allegedly gave an untruthful answer to get on the Liang jury.

This decision was welcomed by Gurley’s family and activists, who had fought relentlessly to see that justice is served.

We commend the Gurley clan and activists for their steadfastness in fighting for justice and advocating that ex-cop Liang face the full force of the law.

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