Is Oregon Safe For Black People? KKK Man Threatens Black Woman

"It's in Oregon Law; I could kill a Black person and be out of jail in a day and a half. Look it up. The KKK is alive and well here", says white Oregon man.

On June 24, a young Black woman from Minnesota, Christiana Clark, went out to walk with her dog, when she encountered a racist White man, who approached her and claimed that he could had killed her and still went free because it was Oregon. Clark came to Oregon to work at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

His words left her stunned, shaking and frightful, especially when she realized that there were no people nearby on the streets. Luckily aggressive man went away after making the threat. Clark made a video 10-15 minutes after the incident to warn fellow Black colleagues and actresses who had also come to Oregon for the Festival.

After she shared the news of this racial attack, the organization replied on Facebook:

While many expressed shock that this could happen here, it was not an isolated incident. The sad truth is that people of color often feel unwelcome and unsafe in our beautiful town and region. It’s time to talk about it and to take action,” the post read.

Meanwhile, the case was reported to the Ashland Police Department the next day. According to the report, the man responsible for the attack was identified. A press release condemns the hateful speech but said, “no crime was committed”.

Under Oregon law, all members of society are equal, and there is no provision that allows for violence or victimization of any member of the community at the hands of another,” the release said.

These threats sound ridiculous, but are they indeed? So many white cops get away with killing Blacks all across the country, and that’s why people believe that they can do the same. In fact, KKK didn’t disappear, it has just transformed into modern version protected by law and criminal justice system.

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