Jordan Edwards’ Family Continues To Fight

Jordan Edwards' relatives have to fight for justice in extremely severe conditions.

Last week Jordan Edwards‘ father filed a lawsuit against Roy Oliver the officer and his department, accusing the department of inadequately training the officer and ignoring warning signs that he was prone to erratic behavior. “There was no reason that any person in America – not just a black person – should ever have to bury their 15-year-old child who was doing everything right in life,” Jasmine Crockett, one of the family’s attorneys, said on Sunday.



Edwards’ death sparked outrage not only among the common Black people but among many celebrities.

But the publicity put Jordan’s relatives into a living hell. Steve Eagar, the host of The Viewers’ Voice had to protect them from being literally accused of the 15-year-old’s death. One racist caller said of Edwards and his parents, “If this boy was such an upstanding pillar of the community and all that and his parents are all concerned now… why weren’t they concerned when he was attending an underage drinking party where there was no parent there?”


We understand that serving justice in this case will not be an easy thing but we wish Jordan’s family strength and dignity as they are suing not only for the sake of their boy but for the sake of the ones who have already died at the hands of the police and the once who are lucky to be still alive. Justice for Jordan Edwards!

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