Black-Owned Media Company Slaps Charter Communications With $10B Racist Suit

A U.S District Judge has ordered for an upgrade of a lawsuit leveled against Charter Communications by Entertainment Studios Networks Inc. on a racially discriminatory basis.

A California federal judge has permitted Entertainment Studios Networks Inc. (ESN), a Black-owned media company to include additional instances of alleged racial misconduct to its suit against Charter Communications.

The lawsuit against Charter was initiated by ESN and the National Association of African-American Owned Media. The duo accused the C.E.O of Charter Communications Inc., Tom Rutledge for denying them opportunity for their programs to be aired on the cable network because of their racial affiliation.

But according to the judge, the case lacked enough evidence to ascertain the claims. Hence, ESN has been given some time to upgrade the lawsuit. Charter Communications seeks to have the case turned down but the court has declined that request. Charter is to respond to the upgraded lawsuit come 23rd September.

Moreover, in ESN’s newly upgraded lawsuit, two evidence of racism was stated. The added evidence circles around the top management of Charter; Rutledge and Allan Singer, the former Senior Vice President of Programming.

The claims further proving the blatant racism by some heads of Charter pointed to an incidence where Allen Singer made racist statements at some protesting African-Americans. The claim stated; “Singer yelled at these African-Americans and told them to get off welfare and that they were typical African-Americans looking for a handout.”

On the other hand, Charter claims they refused to enter into an agreement with ESN on a legal and genuine basis.

Further exposing the racist nature of Charter Communications, a customer, April Taylor shared a horrible sight he witnessed in August on T.V. He said racist messages rolled across his T.V. screen. Actually, this was the experience of several other customers of Charters in North Texas. The racist message read; “F— Black lives matter! 1488 Brought to you by Phreak of Nature Baby J and King Benji! All N—— Must Die!”

It isn’t a surprise the Black-owned media company is being prevented by all possible means. They definitely do not want the truth to be told. It is clear that the existence of Black people is actually a threat to them. But in no way will we be kept under oppression anymore. Our voices must be heard and we will tell our own story the way it is.

We wish Entertainment Studios Networks Inc. the very best in this legal battle. We stand in solidarity with them through these challenging times. We deserve justice!

Source: Thegrio

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