Black Men Dying Too Soon: Why Is Black Men’s Health In Jeopardy?

Recently the African-American community has lost two great celebrities, Phife Dawg and Prince. Their deaths could have been prevented.

In the expansion of Biomedical technology, advancement in medicine and increase in physicians in the United States, one may think that this would help reduce the mortal rate and increase life expectancy, especially that of Black people. However, Black men have been dying almost at the same rate as before and now our heroes (Michael Jackson, Phife Dawg, Price, just to mention a few) are gone too. Phife Dawg was 47 and died of complications stemming from diabetes. Prince died when he was 57 and suffered from a fentanyl overdose.

The state of physical and mental health of African-Americans is in constant jeopardy and here is why: first of all, because White people mainly dominate the medical system and most of them do not care about Black lives as they would about White men; most Blacks also live in very poor conditions and are strategically ostracized from anything that is good (examples are the black communities in Flint, MI, and Pittsburg).

According to the statistics report by The New York Times, “the infant mortality rate in the black population is twice that of whites. Black men are seven times more likely than white men to receive a diagnosis of H.I.V. and more than twice as likely to die of prostate cancer. Black women have nearly double the obesity rate of white women and are 40 percent more likely to die from breast cancer. Black people experience much higher rate of hypertension, diabetes and stroke. The list goes on and on.

So, what’s the cause of less Black Physicians in the medical field, whom Blacks are more comfortable with when they go to the hospital? The first point I will raise here is that most Black parents have low annual income, which they fully use to pay bills, so they have no money to pay for their brilliant children, who aspire to study medicine. Also fewer Blacks are admitted into medical schools even though they qualify and have the money to pay their fees or are even ready study on loan, which is a clear sign of racial discrimination by the administration of various universities. According to reports dated 2011, about 6% of students, who applied to medical schools, matriculated. Therefore, only 2.3% of Black men and 3.8% of Black women succeeded.

Moreover, Black men’s health is in danger due to the fact that most Blacks live in ghettos, hence are prone to diverse kinds of diseases. And when this happens, which is definitely bound to happen, they are at the mercy of White doctors, who don’t care about them.

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