Racist Principal Forces Black Teachers To Work In Former Bathroom

“It was a deliberate attempt to dehumanize us,” Maureen Allen recalled the awful ordeal.

A High school principal Caterina Lafergola has been using her power position to make black teachers’ life uncomfortable and push them out of the school.

She has dismissed a lot of Black workers in her 4 years as principal. This time around, the two black women teachers in her school, Maureen Allen and Yvonne Davis-Henry, were ordered to spend their workdays in the grimy, after warning to sack them.

“It was a deliberate attempt to dehumanize us,” Allen recalled. “We were locked in there like monkeys.”

The Department of Education closed a probe of Lafergola’s actions because a complainant didn’t contact investigators. And the principal didn’t answer to an e-mail questioning for her comments.

Obviously this woman doesn’t deserve to rule the school, but seems that nothing is going to be done about her. We have to draw public attention to situations like this because no one would do it except us. The local community should demand Caterina Lafergola to be fired. The school is not a torture chamber and black teachers are not slaves.

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