Black Girl Teaches Whites How To Reject Your White Privilege

According to Marchaé Grair, “Talking about privilege while not doing anything to dismantle white supremacy is like seeing a fire and never calling 911.”

The system has been corrupted over a long period of time, such that White people who claim not to be racist enjoy White Privilege. In view of this, a young, brilliant and talented Black girl, Marchaé Grair, wrote an article on A United Church of Christ Blog, to White allies not to only focus on calling out overt racism but to proactively be involved in the fight against racism by rejecting their White privilege. The title of her post is “So you say you’ve got white privilege. Now what?

Last week’s rape trial case of a Stanford swimmer, a White man, was a typical example of White Privilege. He was sentenced to 6 months in jail last Thursday, while an innocent Black man who was accused of rape was sentenced 41 years in jail but served up to 6 years after victim dropped all charges against him. Such cases prove to us that White privilege isn’t an imagination or a new phenomenon.

But to her surprise, most people have reacted outrageously to her post. What got them crazy was her last tip to reject White Privilege when she wrote, “recognize that you’re still racist. No matter what”. But Grair goes on to explain what she really means in the original blog post, elaborating on the fact that “white people always benefit from institutionalized racism, no matter how anti-racist your ideologies may be.”

The post collected a lot of angry comments from furious white people. One of the comments, for example, stated “You are an a**hole, and a huge racist. F**k you!”. Another reader, David Gregoire, wrote, “How about I acknowledge that white privilege is a lie. Plus even suggesting it’s real. … Plus now that liberals say we can pick our gender. They also say we can pick our race. So now, no one has to be White. So white privilege is a thing of the past”.

Meanwhile, Grair is not intimidated at all about these comments but has made up her mind to continue to use her blog to push her campaign for social justice.

White privilege exists in American society more than anywhere else, and first step in fighting against it is to admit it. However white people prefer to deny it, which is much easier because in this case they can gladly enjoy their privileges without feeling any guilt.

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