Why Whites Keep Sending Us “Back To Africa”

Some of you probably have already heard these ignorant words towards yourself, “Go back to Africa”.

“Go back to Africa” phrase is commonly used as an attempt to offense black people during a quarrel or as a last argument when outraged people don’t know what else to say. A lot of examples of such conversations were reported by media.

For instance, the story about Battery Creek High School white teacher who sent her black student “back to Africa” after he refused to stand up during the lesson, became viral on some sources.

The same thing happened on republican rally when a white man told to a black female BLM supporter, “If you call yourself an African-American, go back to Africa. If you’re an African first, go back to Africa.”

During the Ferguson protests which erupted after police officer Darren Wilson shot dead innocent black man Michael Brown, sending “back to Africa” was the main argument of white racist counter-protesters. Some of them were calling black protesters “jobless”, “crackheads” while others were chanting “Africa! Africa!”.

It seems like whites believe that black people should feel happy and grateful for living in America. Although black people had never asked white American ancestors to kidnap and enslave them.  600,000 black people were brought by ships to the continent where they were tortured, raped, abused and murdered for long, long years.

Now instead of saying “thank you” to black people and appreciating their contributions white people designed a system in which blacks are always discriminated. Black communities mostly live in poverty, without access to medical care and education.

America had never been a “white land”; it was stolen from native red men by cruel white colonizers. Like it or not but now America is a multinational country, this pattern had been forming for a long time throughout the history of the nation. So, black people are not going to Africa or anywhere because they have every right to live in America which was built by their ancestors.

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