Providence College Students Protest Over Racism Allegations Ends

Students at Catholic college in Rhode Island are occupying the president’s office over allegations of campus racism.

Students protesting over allegations of campus racism at a Catholic college in Rhode Island say they’ve gotten the college’s president to sign an agreement promising to create a more inclusive environment.

About 50 Providence College students had occupied the Rev. Brian Shanley’s office in their protest. They say after 13 hours Shanley signed an agreement of commitment Tuesday night.

The agreement says that Shanley will issue a comprehensive plan by 4 p.m on March 7.

The Providence Journal reported that, after Shanley signed the agreement at about 9:45, Associate Vice President Steven J. Maurano said, “I’ve seen a lot of talk on social media that said Father Shanley agreed to all the students’ demands. What he agreed to do was to make progress… . And report back on March 7th.”

They agreed that students will be named to a diversity committee that includes faculty and administrators; the faculty will meet next week to discuss curriculum changes and other academic matters; workshops will be scheduled on “inclusive pedagogy”; renovations of Moore Hall will move forward.

About 100 Providence College students in November called on Shanley to address racism on campus. The college’s Class of 2019 has about 1,000 students; 16 percent are black, Hispanic, Asian or Native American.

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