Police Abuse Videos: Edina Cop Arrests Innocent Black Man

A video circulating on social media depicts another case of police abuse of authority as an innocent Black man was manhandled by a cop for walking in the street.

CBS Minnesota relayed the following information on the police abuse video going viral: MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A video of a Black man being arrested for apparently walking in the street due to a closed sidewalk in Edina is going viral.

The video, which was posted on YouTube Wednesday, appears to show a plain clothes Edina police abusing power by grabbing an agitated man who the officer says was “walking down the middle of the street.”

“You can’t just put your hands on me!” the man said.

The woman who posted the seven-minute video wrote in the description that she passed a man who was walking on the white line of the street’s shoulder.

“There was construction and it was obvious that the sidewalk was not available right there so he was hugging the right side as far as he could go,” she said. “I went around him and noticed in my rearview mirror that an unmarked SUV turned on police lights. The officer pulled in front of the pedestrian to cut him off and proceeded to accuse him of walking in the middle of the street.”

StarTribune narrated that: The officer then directs the man to his unmarked squad, asking him to put his hands on the car. The man slams his backpack down, questioning whether he’s going to be taken to jail.

The woman filming the police abuse video is heard to tell the officer: “He’s scared, sir.” Moments before, she had suggested to the officer: “Maybe you could just show him where a good place to walk is.”

CBS Minnesota further added that: Another officer soon arrives and tells the man, “My partner told me you’re under arrest.” Both the woman shooting the video and a bystander claim the first officer never said the man was going to be arrested.

“You could have just showed him where to walk really kindly. You are the one that incited this,” the woman said. “He’s scared. People die in these situations, it’s scary.”

The Fox9 news reported that: EDINA, Minn. (KMSP) – The Edina Police Department is responding to a YouTube video that has been widely shared on social media of a man being stopped by a plain clothes officer for walking in the street.

Minneapolis rapper and activist Toki Wright shared the video on Facebook, with the hashtag #MinnesotaNice: “Here’s what happened in Edina, Minnesota yesterday when a Black man decided to walk around construction that was blocking the sidewalk. This is also a perfect example of how people get murdered.”

Police abuse cases have been the news flooding our media all the time. I wonder why our monies are being used to pay these men and women in uniform. Are we paying them to brutalize us? They will unleash full aggression and force during the very unharmful circumstances. Is it now a crime for a Black person to walk on the streets of America?

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