Virginia Cops Brutalize Handcuffed Man And Aggressively Attack Witnesses

The officers beat a man in handcuffs and used offensive and obscene language towards innocent bystanders.

Two arresting officers in Portsmouth, Va., are under investigation after a video surfaced showing them bashing innocent bystanders after beating and brutalizing a handcuffed Black man, WAVY reports.

According to Tiara Bailey, a witness, who recorded the incident that took place on Saturday at an apartment complex, the officers involved hit and tased the man as he was lying on the ground in handcuffs.

The 27-year-old told WAVY that the officers confiscated her phone after beating the man and deleted the video, which caught them in the act.

“It was this commotion because he was on top of the man punching him, punching him and the other one was beating him, and after they beat him they tased him and they maced him so they did all this while he was handcuffed,” Bailey said.

The video below shows a white police officer surrounded by a crowd of witnesses standing above a Black man in handcuffs on the ground.

According to reports, the second officer used obscene and aggressive language towards witnesses while commanding them to leave the scene.

“Everybody out here needs to disperse. Get the f**k back into your apartment. This is an unlawful assembly. Get back to your apartment,” the unidentified officer said.

The officer then threatened one of the female residents standing around with eviction from the apartment complex if she didn’t vacate the premises, where she lives and had every right to be.

In the statement released on Sunday, Portsmouth NAACP president James Boyd expressed concerns over the officers’ actions saying they “did not respect the basic First Amendment rights of innocent bystanders to peacefully assemble and to record officers without disturbing police procedures.”

“Officers using foul, offensive and aggressive language towards innocent bystanders while threatening to have them evicted from their homes is disturbing, unprofessional and potentially abusive behavior which should not be tolerated,” the statement continued.

While the identities of the officers involved have not been disclosed, sources close to the incident say they have not been put on administrative leave, while the probe into their conduct goes on.

Police misconduct in black neighborhoods has gotten so out of control that officers can use obscene language towards innocent community patrons, whose only crime is exercising their rights as American citizens.

These officers need to be investigated and punished accordingly.

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