Middle School Teacher Placed On Leave Over Alleged Racism

A Sacramento Middle School teacher picked on a sixth-grader because she is black.

A Sacramento middle school teacher has been placed on leave over alleged racist remark toward a student, FOX40 reports.

Mr. Hasting was going over test scores during a class at John Still Middle School when he singled out an African-American sixth-grader, Dania Owens, for ridicule.

According to Dania’s mom Demia Flack, the teacher stated outright that he was making a mockery of her daughter because she was black.

“She said, ‘Could you please stop picking on me? Why do you always do this to me?’ And he stated, ‘Because you’re black,’” Flack said.

Dania, who was broken by the teacher’s remarks, bowed down her head as other students starred at her and waited for a response.

Mr. Hasting has been put on paid leave awaiting the conclusion of a probe the Sacramento Unified School District launched.

“If indeed what has happened is what we believe, then it was clearly inappropriate by any measure, clearly not the kind of behavior we want, even if it was intended to be a joke,” said Gabe Ross, the spokesman for the School District.

There is a strong possibility that attempts will be made to wave off this the teacher’s racist attack on the student as an insensitive joke. However, Dania, who is smart enough to tell whether or not someone is joking, told FOX40 that she does not think her teacher was joking.

Teachers in the habit of racially discriminating against their students should never be allowed to enter the classroom again, because in addition to making students of color unwelcome at schools, racism has the potential to inflict psychological stress on our children.

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