Police Investigate Black University Of Iowa Student’s Assault As A Hate Crime

Marcus Owens was beaten by three white men and left with a damaged eye socket, knocked out teeth and an injured lip.

Iowa City Police Department is investigating a hate crime after a black University of Iowa student reported being severely beaten by three white men, who called him racial slurs, investigators said on Wednesday.

Marcus Owens told the police on Monday night that he was attacked by three men, who hit him multiple times and called him racial slurs.

The reported assault happened on Saturday in an alley in downtown Iowa City, where Owen was walking near several bars and restaurants. According to Owens’ description, the men who assaulted him, are of average height and approximately 19 to 22 years old.

According to WLS-TV in Chicago, the 19-year-old freshman from Naperville, Illinois, was released on Monday from the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, where he had checked in to receive treatments for damages he suffered to his eye socket, his front teeth and his lip.

Students were outraged and expressed their concerns on social media after only finding out about the hate crime from the police, but not the university officials. Students took to Twitter to demand more information about the assault and what is being done to address it.

Owens’ family is expected to meet with the university’s dean of students on Wednesday, according to the Associated Press.

Iowa City Police spokesman Sgt. Scott Gaarde said investigators are pursuing leads after gathering the information on possible suspects. Meanwhile, the campus police department has issued a crime alert on Wednesday morning notifying students of the incident.

It is no secret that black students today face serious safety concerns in the increasingly racist atmosphere in and around our nation’s university campuses.

Therefore, in addition to handling racial discrimination, hate crimes, and racially motivated offenses with the utmost level of seriousness, university, law enforcement, and state officials have to give black students the protection they need.

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