Young White People Concerned About Global Terrorism Not Racism; Survey Reveals

A search conducted by the Black Youth Project has disclosed that young white people do not find racism to be a cause of worry.

It is a well-established fact that racism is real in America and those who suffer the most from this inhuman practice are people of colour. For this reason, racism has been and continues to be one major source of worry for Black people. Unlike their white counterparts, they care less about it. Racism to some white people in the United States isn’t something which deserves much attention. This is simply for the fact that they aren’t the ones at the suffering end of racial abuses. A recent insightful research conducted by the Black Youth Project enlightens us with statistical proves which further ascertains this fact. The search also revealed that white people are mostly concerned about global terrorism. To find out why this is so, read more about the facts in the following news source we found:


The Black Youth Project has released a survey which confirmed what Black people and other people of color have always known to be true with data-based facts: Black people care more immediately about issues of racism, while white people are more concerned with terrorism away from the home front.

The survey, which was put together by the Associated Press and the University of Chicago’s NORC research lab, asked 1,832 adults between the ages of 18 and 30 from across America various questions, such as which social issues they felt were most important. The surveyors then noted how those issues were ranked by importance.

Young adults now represent the largest generation of Americans, and they are by far the most racially and ethnically diverse generation in the country,” the report notes. “Thus, to fully understand how young people think about the upcoming election, issues such as terrorism or gun violence, as well as their economic futures, we have to pay attention to characteristics such as race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality.”

The survey’s findings were interesting. Black people, for instance ranked the issues as most important to least important thusly: racism, police brutality, education, gun control, and poverty as the issues in need of the most attention and work. People who identified as Latina/o ranked their concerns in this way: immigration, terrorism, general racism, education, and gun control. Asian Americans ranked education, racism, gun control, income inequality and healthcare as their top issues.

However, the study found something overwhelmingly different for white people. Rather than worrying about police brutality or systemic inequality, white people made terrorism their number one issue of focus, followed by fear, healthcare, national debt and the environment.

Young adults are not a monolithic group, and the issues that young people most care about varies widely across race and ethnicity,” the surveyors noted about the findings.

Indeed, being Black and brown in America has always been difficult, and thus those particular issues are the top concern for those who experience it. Black people had to deal with domestic racial terrorism in the form of Jim Crow after slavery was abolished, and they continuously deal with the war on drugs and mass incarceration, as well as racial profiling in their everyday lives.

Because white people may not see or even think about racism with any regularity, it makes sense that it would not rank as important to them. Read more.

The issue of global terrorism is as real as the domestic terrorism of racism. But of course, it wouldn’t be a fretful thing for young white people. It is the Black people that are been killed  by cops all the time. It is the Black guys that are faced with various forms of racial abuses on daily bases. They are the ones that have to deal with discrimination in every sector of the American society. But most importantly, the issue of racism is of much importance and should be the concern of all. If America cannot deal with the domestic terrorism of racism it is facing, who can it deal with the issue of global terrorism?  It is vital that all join hands to kick against the horror in the country first then we can rightly tackle the external the problems. The outcome of the survey though interesting and obvious needs to be addressed because the youth form the largest part of the American population. Hence, there is a need they grow up right with the right mentality about racism. Racism isn’t an issue for people of color alone; it is general problem which has the tendency to destroy an entire society. Racism is much more fearful than any form of terrorism.

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