Friend Of Alleged Charleston Shooter To Plead Guilty To Lying To Investigators

A friend of the Charleston church shooter on Monday agreed to testify against the accused when he pleaded guilty to federal charges, which is only a means of seeking lighter sentence.

According to The Post and Courier, a 21-year-old Joey Meek who is a friend to the Charleston Church mass shooter, Dylann Roof, on Monday agreed to plead guilty to federal charges and testify against the accused, Roof, exchanging that for lighter sentence.

Meek was indicted on the basis of failing to warn and alert authorities of his friend’s hate crime plot and also lied to investigators, according to federal officials. Meek and prosecutors signed an agreement of “withholding details before a crime happens and making false statement after the June 17 attack in Emanuel AME church last year. “

AMAZING! American justice system is at it again! Now the friend of Dylann Roof, the shooter of black people in the church is going to escape justice by making a deal and testifying against Roof. He knew that the most horrible crime against black people would happen and ‘failed’ to warn or alert officials. There is no doubt that he is as criminal as his friend.

Apparently, this was a hate crime and it’s clear that he didn’t fail but intentionally decided not to make the right people know to rectify the situation. “Obviously, he played a secondary role but an important role,” one of the family of the victims said. “He had the ability to sound the alarm but he didn’t. I hope he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

According to The Post and Courier, the charges carry up to eight years in prison, but Meek’s deal might get him much less time. But this is absolutely unacceptable! If he is Roof’s best friend who refused to tip off Roof’s evil plans and also lied to investigators, there shouldn’t be any way such character should be allowed to go unpunished. He is likened to a KKK member and the next shooting might possibly be performed by him. All these are happening because of broken system. Cutting deal with a criminal!

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