We are hungry for justice! Join #MyFood4Justice flashmob

BlackMatters gets on the road to a flashmob #MyFood4Justice to support strikers of #HungerForJustice movement.

BlackMattersUS is going to support #HungerForJustice prostest in #SanFrancisco! We are proud of those people who starve there for the sake of justice and this time we ask you to join our flashmob #MyFood4Justice! The residents are still on hunger strike and “We are hungry for justice” too!
That’s what you have to do:
1. TAKE a photo of your empty plate in support of #hungerforjustice protest
2. ATTACH #MyFood4Justice @blackmattersus tags
3. NOMINATE 4 friends to do the same
Let’s unite all together and show our brothers and sisters of color our support!

Join us and our flashmob on Instagram and Twitter


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