Woman Caught On Security Camera Defacing Black Lives Matter Sign, Again

She has been arrested multiple times for destroying Black Lives Matter signs, but police refuse to charge her with a hate crime because they share her views.

An Annapolis, Md., woman was arrested after she had been caught on security cameras vandalizing a Black Lives Matter sign on the property of St. Phillips Episcopal Church, reports WBALTV News.

Chari Raye McLean was arrested and charged with two counts of destruction of property after she painted the word “Black” on the church’s Black Lives Matter sign to read “Lives Matter.”

Police set up a surveillance camera after multiple reports of vandalism against BLM signs at the church and elsewhere around Annapolis and Anne Arundel County over the past five months. Pictures of the 56-year old woman, who claims she is not a racist, were taken right during the act.

When questioned by the police, McLean said she did not deface the signs, but her statement was later found to be false by the officers.

“They made contact and spoke with her. She denied defacing the sign. However, they noticed she had black spray paint on her hands,” Anne Arundel County Lt. Ryan Frashure said.

The senseless hatred that Black Lives Matter has received from white supremacists across America shows how real racism is in our time.

Opponents of BLM argue that “All Lives Matter, not just Black Lives!”

But when have white people in America been treated as if they did not matter? When have they been abused with impunity by state funded agencies? NEVER!

Therefore, the hatred against the movement, which goal is to address the issues that impact a marginalized race, can be explained only by racism coming from some of our fellow citizens, including political elites who are working very hard to derail the conversation about the devaluation and destruction of black lives.

Despite being caught in an act that clearly constitutes a hate crime and lying about it to the law enforcement officers, Anne Arundel County police concluded not to bring up hate crime charges against McClean, claiming that she “only disagreed with the message” and “doesn’t understand the concept behind the movement.”

We are not surprised at all by their refusal to charge McLean, who has been caught and charged earlier for defacing BLM signs, given that these cops share her views.

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