Cops Pepper Spray 84-Year-Old Woman

The continuous unprofessionalism of cops is no respecter of persons, not even the elderly.

Muskogee, OK, police did the most outrageous thing in their line of the profession pepper-spraying innocent 84-year-old Geneva Smith. Such maltreatment must not be entertained in the jurisdiction of America. It is a great embarrassment to the police department and the country as a whole.

On the fateful day of the incident, police were chasing the son of the old woman whom the police claimed had refused to stop during a traffic stop. According to the police, the victim’s son took to his heels and went home.

A hot unstopped chase was mounted by the police after the ‘offender’. On reaching the house, the police kicked open the house door where the old woman had been sleeping. One of the officers, Michelle Casady, subsequently pepper sprayed the elderly woman, attacked her and finally dragged her to jail.

Unfortunately in jail, Smith had a panic attack and was rushed to the hospital for medical attention. It is such a coincidence that in all the cases it was people of color who were treated this way.

Although age doesn’t grant immunity against police violence, some common sense and professionalism are needed in handling such instances. We are of the view that, the police violently attacked the innocent woman. If they had probed into the circumstances that took them to the home of the old woman, it would have been a lot better and professional of the police.

As Smith now plans to take legal action against the department for her assault, we vehemently speak against police brutalities and seek justice for the aged woman.

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