Protests Erupt Over Gruesome Murder Of Black Teen By L.A. Police

The Los Angeles Police Department continues to aggravate the already heightened tension in America following the shooting of Black teen, Carnell Snell.

The nation of the United States struggles to find its way out of the current predicament of police brutalities it finds itself in. The tension between the police and community continues to rise, amidst several protests across the country.

The latest addition to the list of police killings is that of an 18-year-old Carnell Snell, a Black teen, and native of Los Angeles. Snell was shot multiple times in the back after a hot foot chase by the L.A. police. Family members of the Black teen disclosed that he had his hands up but yet was shot to death by the cops.

Meanwhile, reports by the Los Angeles Times suggest that police authorities have still not confirmed the identity and age of the deceased as at the evening of October 1st.

The information about the killing that is believed to have ignited the fury of the community was initially made public by Tiffany Hobbs, Snell’s teacher. Her Facebook post which she said was based on eyewitness report described the circumstances surrounding Snell’s death. “Witnesses told CBS Los Angeles the deceased man — believed to be Snell — was running with his hands up, and said he was telling officers he was unarmed, when police shot him about five times,” CBS Los Angeles reports. Although, the story is yet to be confirmed by the police who have been very quiet on the matter.

A statement released by the police seems to have admitted some of the initial claims of the eyewitness though the police were extremely quiet on a number of facts. According to the report, they only stated that at about 1:40 p.m., they attempted to stop a car with a paper plate which they assumed to have been stolen close to Western Avenue and 106th Street, KABC reports.

The report further stated that they pursued the car until the male driver stopped, exited and begun to run. They also said that a handgun was recovered at the scene. The police report further mentioned that there was a shooting by an officer but that was all they said about the incident. As at now, the name of the officer or the victim has not been mentioned by the police.

This horrific occurrence has generated a protest in L.A. Protesters assembled in front of the L.A mayor’s residence to state their displeasure about the continuous hate for Black people by the men in uniform. Protesters described the police as acting as the “judge”, “jury” and “executioner” whenever they deal with Black people.

The L.A. horror comes in the wake of unrest in California following the police shooting of some other Black men, Joseph Mann, Reginald Thomas and Alfred Olango. Joseph Mann, a mentally ill Black man was shot 14 times by police in Sacramento. Officers were caught on tape saying they wanted to run him over. Reginald Thomas was killed in his home after a confrontation ensued between him and cops. Moreover, Alfred Olango, was shot by a cop in San Diego who mistook an electronic vape device for a gun.

Police violence is awful! This is further proof that these cops have no respect for Black people. It isn’t because cops are naturally violent but the fact remains that they hate Black people hence, will always do horrible things to them.  We fully support the peaceful protest. We don’t need to be quiet anymore! This madness ought to stop!

Source: Heavy
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