Here Is Why ‘Reverse Racism’ Does Not Exist

Reverse racism doesn't exist so, white people, please stop trying to claim that it does!

Most people might have heard by now the term ‘reverse racism’, which is often used by many white people, who have expressed negative, resentful, and antagonistic feelings about the unapologetic ways Black folks recognize their inherent worth and empower themselves.

Many white folks under the guise of being ‘well-intentioned’ claim that the existence of a Black History Month, a Black Entertainment Television (BET), and organizations like Black Girls Rock and Black Lives Matter, amounts to discrimination against members of a dominant racial group – white people.

Although it is tempting to look at things from such a narrow-minded point of view, it is, however, absolutely wrong and naive to think anything like ‘reverse racism’ actually exists.

As it is lucidly illustrated in the video below by Zeba Blay, a Huffington Post Black Voices writer, “Things like BET, Black Girls Rock or Black History Month are not reverse racist against white people,” given that after centuries of being enslaved, being stripped of their cultural identity and heritage, and rendered economically and politically powerless, these pro-Black organizations are probably the only of their kind that are giving voice and recognition to black people.

“Because remember, in a society where white is seen as the default race, all history is white history. But racism isn’t just someone feeling superior to another race and then discriminating against them,” she explains.

Racism and prejudice are not quite the same thing!

When a black person expresses racial prejudice or superiority against white people, his/her action has no effect on the rights and privileges of white people – his/her prejudice does not stop white folks from getting a job, it does not prevent them from being able to afford a home, it does not affect the rate, at which they go to jail, neither does it make them become victims of state sanctioned police brutality or murder.

However, when a racial majority has the ability to enforce its power and privilege over another race through political, economic and institutional means – a system of inequality is born – racism.

According to Carlos Hoyt Jr., an assistant professor of social work at Wheelock College, to be guilty of racism or to be a racist “one must have power, and power of a special sort,” because ” racism is prejudice plus power leveraged at an institutional level to maintain the privileges of the dominant social group.”

As white people, who are frightened of a resurgent Black America cry of “reverse racism”, we want them to know that the love of being black does not mean hatred towards whites, we do not need to hate white to demonstrate black power, and finally that pro-Black does not equate to anti-white.

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