Mississippi’s Confederate Madness: White Power And Black Self-Determination Clash

The efforts to keep the Confederate flag flying in Mississippi are part of a greater effort to kill Black power and subdue African-Americans.

While other states are distancing themselves from the Confederate flag following the 2015 Charleston, South Carolina massacre, whites in Mississippi under the leadership of Gov. Phil Bryant remain resolute in their love and support of the symbol of domestic terrorism and white supremacy.

Gov. Phil Bryant’s declaration of April Confederate Heritage Month in Mississippi infuriated the state’s 1 million African-Americans, who responded with a lawsuit requesting removal of the confederate symbol in the state’s flag.

Carlos Moore, a Black civil rights lawyer, who filed the lawsuit, has received death threats in response to his efforts of getting rid of the symbol of hate and division from the state capitol.

Despite Mississippi being the ‘blackest’ state in America with a population of nearly 40 percent African-American, it remains the most conservative of the states of the Union.

As the latest news of the confederate madness unfolds in the Magnolia state, the big question looming over all of this is – What is wrong with Mississippi?

From the white racism point of view, experts highlighted a series of points to explain this insanity, most of which boils down to white fear and paranoia.

According to Mark Potok, a senior fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center and editor-in-chief of the Intelligence Report, white Mississippians have historically feared, and perhaps, are still frightened that black people would seek revenge for the atrocities that were committed against them during slavery and after its abolition.

“When the slaves were freed, whites feared they would be murdered, and white women would be raped, so it was a form of war. These whites oppressed Black people for quite some time, and they were afraid of what Black people would do when they get power,” said Potok.

Potok, who is one of the country’s leading experts on extremism, noted that white fear leads to terrorism, which eventually leads to defensiveness. He also added that the manner in which history is taught to whites in state schools contributes to the common misconception in Mississippi that “the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery, that tens of thousands of Blacks fought for the Confederacy, and that the races got along just fine.”

The siege mentality of Mississippi’s white citizens and legislators, who are fond of palling with white supremacist groups, also adds fuel to the already heavily burning flames of racial discord.

Many black folks and experts across America have referred to the efforts to keep the Confederate flag flying in Mississippi as more than a mere symbolism, but rather part of a greater effort by the state’s white, conservative Republican power structure to kill Black power and subdue African-Americans.

Therefore, we admonish all black Mississippians to wake up and hold their elected officials accountable and let Mississippi reverse from the retrograde state, in which it is, into being a model for the nation.

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