100 Protesters Acquitted in Baton Rouge

Charges have been dropped against some 100 protesters in Baton Rouge. Amongst those acquitted were a civil rights activist DeRay Mckesson and the famous Leshia Evans, the nurse, whose arrest during the demonstration went viral on social media.

Hillar C. Moore III, District Attorney of East Baton Rouge pronounced on Friday that his office will no longer press charges against some 100 protesters, who were apprehended for blocking a roadway, Baltimore Sun reported. The aggrieved protesters took to the street to express their displeasure following the fatal police shooting of Alton Sterling.

Civil rights activist, DeRay Mckesson and Leshia Evans, the nurse, whose arrest drew a lot of attention, were amongst the acquitted protesters. According to the New York Daily News, a statement released by the prosecutor’s office affirmed that “These particular cases only involve facts where the person arrested failed to comply with an officer’s direction to leave the roadway or public passage.”

Per the account of the prosecutor, it further clarifies the fact that BLM protests have not been a medium to perpetrate violent acts. The movement serves as a platform for the racially segregated groups, which has been denied justice and suffered from lethal police brutalities, to stand up for their rights.

We welcome this information as a piece of good news. Nonetheless, it’s a small victory compared to the bigger goal we want to achieve: once a Black person will be treated justly.

Still, this victory isn’t only for people, who have been cleared of all charges, but for everyone who’s been brave enough to protest. People have their rights including the right to express dissatisfaction. Now these rights can be at last exercised.

Though, let’s not forget the fact that DeRay McKesson is a popular person and Evans’ photo made waves in the media: could these be the reasons for the charges against them and their co-protesters being dropped? Will the justice work the same way for an average Black man or woman?

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