Parents, Community Outraged At Handcuffing of Elementary School Kids

More than 150 people gathered at a community meeting to demand action after at least five elementary school students were handcuffed and detained.

Angry parents are demanding action after they say at least five students aged 6 to 10 at aTennessee Middle elementary school were handcuffed and detained on Friday, the Daily News Journal reports.

The parents converged on Sunday to voice their grievances at the First Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, where more than 150 people gathered for a community meeting over Friday’s incident at Hobgood Elementary School.

According to reports, after watching a video of an off-campus fight, officers obtained arrest warrants for children, whose only crime was not stopping the altercation. The students were arrested, detained and later released from a juvenile center.

“There are innocent kids that have been arrested, that have been entered in a system they have no business in,” said Zacchaeus Crawford, a father of three of the kids, who were senselessly detained. He also called the actions “nonsense in the fullest definition.”

Murfreesboro Police Chief Karl Durr and City Manager Rob Lyons attended the meeting, which the church hosted.

“If something needs to be corrected, it will be,” Lyons told the crowd.

Durr said the Murfreesboro Police Department would open a probe into the situation on Monday.

The undue arrest and detention of these young kids for doing absolutely nothing wrong underscores the magnitude of police brutality issue in our communities.

These unscrupulous officers have subjected these school children to a terrifying ordeal that has been proven to have psychological effects on kids.

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