U.S Worries About How Race Relations Are Currently Reaching A New High

For more than a decade racial issues in the U.S remained unchanged, however much attention is currently drawn towards racism within the past 2 years.

With the hundreds and thousands of peaceful and violent rallies and protests resulting from the numerous killings of black unarmed men by cops, the awareness level of racism and race related issues have more than doubled within the last two years in the United States.

The series of I-cant-breath cases and deaths of innocent black lives including Trayvon Martin angered the black communities nationwide and hence the motivation to fight for black lives and justice which led to the formation of Black Lives Matters Movement.

The Black Lives Matters organization was found in 2013, as an answer to the question “how are we going respond to the assault on and devaluation of black lives”? This movement is the most recent rapidly rising organization in the ongoing brawl against racism and social injustice in the United States.

The mass demonstrations, campaigns and marches of Black lives movement has greatly contributed to the 35% of Americans currently concerned with racial matters.

This percentage might seem huge compared to back then in 2011 but not that huge to win the fight against discrimination, police brutality, freedom and justice.

All hail Black Lives Matters! You are winning a great fight but much more can be done to finally prove to the whole world how worthy your lives are, and how they matter just like any other being.

The peaceful rallies and protest should continue till the whole earth finally realizes that there is no crime in being black.

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