Tension Between Black Community And Police Lingers On

As the summer of 2016 comes to an end, cases of police brutality on Blacks take the limelight just as the previous two years.

The recent unrests in our nation began in Ferguson, Missouri, after the shooting of Michael Brown in 2014; the following year, it was in Baltimore and the latest city to explode in protests is Milwaukee. Police brutality has been rife in some of the most racially segregated and poverty-stricken neighborhoods in the nation. And that has brought about several cases of turmoil and unrest, as the Black community has shown outrage towards the law enforcement.

Similar death case was witnessed in Milwaukee which erupted in serious confrontations between the local Black inhabitants and the police. That very incident led to the burning of cars, a gas station and even the looting of stores. We believe that the civic rights of African-Americans have been fully neglected.

In a society where 44 percent of the inhabitants are African-Americans, the Baltimore report revealed the ‘cunning method’ of racial profiling, harassment and drug arrests against Blacks by the Police Department of Milwaukee.

The list of ‘intentional murder’ of Blacks by cops goes on and on. But the issue is that street killing is on the increase in the United States. And it is disheartening that the killings only affect the African-Americans, most of who were killed innocently.

Till when will this intentional inhuman act of the cops stop? Why have Blacks the target over the years under review? These and many other questions baffle the minds of many people of color but go unanswered. But until the rights of Blacks are respected to the fullest, we will never stop protesting. And we will stay on the streets until our desires as Black community are granted.

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Source: The Root
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