2 California Teens Threaten Black Classmate With A Video

Two 16-year-old male students of the Central Catholic High School in Modesto posted a threatening video to their black classmate, Noah Porter on Snapchat on the 25th March.

In the video, one of the white boys held a noose around his neck saying the words “you must die motherf***er!” and after a sudden handgun was fired, the noose cuts.

Noah who is 18 said the disturbing video made him feel unsafe and targeted.

Two white teens involved were suspended from school and both were arrested after police conducted a search in their homes.

According to the police, they have being charged with suspicion of committing a hate crime, making terrorist threats and criminal conspiracy.

The case is still under investigation by cops.

The huge concern here is, what would trigger a teen to make him feel it’s normal to make such a disturbing video for a classmate? Society is to blame for such an unjustified act.

This is a real proof that the world is made to think and believe that the lives of black people don’t really matter and can end at any time by anyone and by any unjustified means.

Racism has gone a long way into American homes, schools, work places, on the streets; in fact the whole atmosphere is now filled with racism.

The fight is still not over, help share this article on any social media of your choice to help battle against racism.

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