Chicago Set To Pay $6 Million For Police Custody Deaths

The Finance Committee of Chicago City on Monday agreed on a settlement to the families of the two black men who died while in police custody.

The Reuters reported that Chicago City Council’s Finance committee on Monday agreed to settle a sum of $6.45 million to the families of the two African Americans who died in police custody.

According to Reuters, the settlement has become the third biggest. Philip Coleman, who was tasered whiles in handcuffs in a jail cell, in 2012, will receive $4.95 million. Coleman was tasered when he refused to come out of the cell on the day of his trial; he was shocked by an officer after which he was dragged on the floor by handcuffs from the cell at a motionless state.

Again, the city will apportion $1.5 million to the family of Justin Cook, who died of an asthma attack after the police arrested him in 2014. Chicago police was sued for not providing proper medical care for Cook. Chicago city council is set to vote on the settlement on Wednesday, April 13.

It’s quite unfortunate for Chicago police with all this settlement, because this sum could have been used on police reform to prevent unnecessary killing. It’s high time the council came to a realization that the money used to settle these families are the same taxes they pay each day; therefore it’s not a solution to the problem. If there is enough money for settlements, then it should be spent on police reform.


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