Ken Burns Explains How America Has Always Been A Racist Country

Film maker Ken Burns says when considering major themes in American history, racism is the topmost of all.

According to Raw Story, filmmaker Ken Burns in an interview with host Stephen Colbert put racism on top of American history major themes. “I think the American question of freedom is a big one, the tension between individual freedom and collective freedom is a big one, but I think the sub-theme of American history is race,” Burns told “Late Show.”

Burns in the show outlined the fact that the idea “all men were created equal” was just sarcasm, because the man who came up with this idea mainly forgot that he owned more than 100 humans as slaves, and didn’t have any plans of granting these people liberty. That was absolutely a contradiction to his believe that “all men were created equal,” and also a hypocritical lifestyle.

Jackie Robinson is a legend and a prominent figure in the history of baseball. He was the recipient of the inaugural MLB Rookie of the year Award in 1947, an All-Star for six seasons in his career. But what we see today is that, Robinson’s legacy represents an end to all baseball color line-60 years of segregation in professional baseball, Burns outlined.

Almost all Whites, who contributed one way or the other to the well-being of American nation, are honored with monuments or named after infrastructures in order for their names to be in the system, but this does not apply to Blacks such as Robinson and many others.

Today racism and segregation in America have moved to its peak. The Confederate flags, stop and frisk, the experience African Americans have driving, the burning of churches that belongs to black communities and harassing BLM activists, Burns said.

There is no change in America, especially with racism and segregation, because it is the root of the nation.


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