Parents Of Color Want Better Education For Their Kids

Black and Latino parents in America are worried about the kind of education their kids are facing in schools.

According to Los Angeles Times, a survey which was conducted by Liszt Grove Research under the Leadership Conference Education Fund on Black and Latino school kids in U.S. in U.S. shows that these children of color lack quality education compared to Whites, because they usually do not have good teachers to put them through their curriculum activities.

Parents of color after the survey have had troubles as how they are going to stand this challenge. They believe that good teachers are the most important asset needed to make a school great, and since most of the schools in their communities lack quality teachers, the children receive worse education.

Los Angeles Times reported that about 40% of the public schools in the U.S. are made up of Black and Latino kids, which means that it’s a big blow to such community and a big threat to their future. Other Parents also pointed out disparity on lack of funding, resources and a vital factor which is racism.

“There’s a sense that the education system is not delivering as it should for students of color,” said Matt Hogan, a partner at Anzalone.

The parents are right. Students of color are more likely to get less-experienced, lower-paid teachers, a government report concluded. Another issue is Coursework that isn’t challenging enough.

Parents of color should stand on their feet and fight their way through for their kids, in order to set them for a better tomorrow.


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