New Update On The Shooting Of Jonathan Bratcher

A Memphis black man Jonathan Bratcher was shot and killed by two Memphis police officers, Clement Marks and Alexander Fleites on January 27.

A recent death certificate released by Bratcher’s family attorney shows that Bratcher was shot in the back of his head even though autopsy report hasn’t been released yet.

While the case is still under investigation, a defense attorney Juni Gangul concluded and justified the fact that, a gunshot at the back of Bratcher’s head does not mean he was innocent, neither did it proof who exactly was responsible for his death. He also added that it could be Bratcher’s own fault for turning his head during the time the gun was fired.

The investigation of Bratcher’s death has taken over more than two months with no concrete results. Would this investigation have taken so much time if the victim involved was a white? The obvious answer is no.

It’s so pathetic and sad how the police who we solely rely on for justice are already justifying the misconduct of a cop when there is still an ongoing investigation about the case with no hope of results any time soon.

There can never be the real justice when it involves black people because nothing can be done to bring the innocently shot people back to life.

Black people must fight for the reforms in the criminal justice system.

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