Michigan Tire Shop After Receiving A Negative Review From A White Customer, Takes Out Frustration On Black People

The owner of a tire shop in Michigan says he wouldn’t render service to black people because he thinks they are ghetto and broke.

A week ago Madison Callanan, a white customer left negative comments on the review page after she purchased an item from Whitney’s Tire and Auto Repair.

Jim S., the owner of the shop, responded to the negative review saying “We stick to University of Michigan related clients … Ghetto folks need to stay in the ghetto and not come to Ann Arbor.”

This scenario is quite controversial because why would Jim S. pour out his anger on black people and blame them for leaving bad comments despite the fact that Callanan is white?

A student from the University of Michigan Shalynn Renee Vaughn called the Ann Arbor shop to enquire about the prices of tires, this time around the conversation was recorded and this was Jim S. response:

“There’s no law against refusing service to ghetto people. I don’t serve f***ing monkeys, little f***ing primates.”

According to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 such a racist comment is considered a crime and Jim S. must be prosecuted for such unlawful act.

The company is said to have a very low star rating of 1, 5 due to its poor customer services and how racist they are.

Such companies should be shut down and banned by the government and the law enforcement should deal with them just like they deal with crimes of murder or robbery since racism is as worse as murder.

Customers of the company are highly protesting against the purchase of items from such an establishment.

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