Baltimore Police Use Tasers On Poor, Black Residents

Minorities and poorer communities suffer the most when police have deficient policies and procedures.

According to a new report, the use of Tasers by the Baltimore Police has been concentrated mostly on black suspects and residents with lowest median incomes.

African Americans make up 90 % out of 730 incidents involving use of Tasers. Baltimore is 63 % black.The majority of Taser incidents took place in poor neighborhoods. In almost all cases people were tased for not listening to police orders, however, they did not pose a threat. In 98 percent of all the analyzed cases, police said that the suspects they shocked were not a threat. Tasers were originally introduced as a safer means in comparison to guns, however, usually officers use a Taser for more than the maximum recommended time of 15 seconds, which can result in death.

“This is not community policing,” said Tessa Hill-Aston, president of the Baltimore chapter of the NAACP, to the Sun. “It is not the right way to solve the city’s problems. We’re going to have to address it.”

The use of Taser should be limited and controlled, because police abuse their power by assaulting innocent people who can’t resist them.


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