BLACK Women History Month

As we are in WOMEN HISTORY MONTH and as I am a BLACK WOMAN, a BLACK MOM, I wanted to highlight why it is essential for OUR VOICES to proclaim that OUR LIVES, OUR CHILDREN LIVES, and OUR LOVED ONES LIVES all matter because time and time and time again AMERICA has conveyed unto us, IT does not, WE do not and we refuse to accept that as our final answer.

When we proclaim that #BlackLivesMatter we are saying a mouth full.

We’re saying that education malpractice should NOT be the norm, tolerated or expected because of our inner city zip codes.

We’re saying that our children of color should be able to enter the school buildings knowing they are welcomed, loved, appreciated and expected to give their ALL AND BEST BY EVERY STAKE HOLDER IN THE BUILDING who they pay to assure these things.

We’re saying that ALL stake holders are needed and appreciated in the lives of our children, we are also saying that ALL stake holders are equally important for the production of great citizens of tomorrow.

We’re saying that just as WHITE FOLKS KNOW, COLLEGE IS NOT for everyone and neither should the thinking of McDonald’s and Walmart is their NEXT step. O they have mastered SKILLS, GIFTS, TALENTS, INTELLECT, CREATIVITY, BRILLIANCE, KNOW HOW, KNOW WHEN, and KNOW WHERE coming from poverty.

We’re saying that WHITES should NO LONGER get a pass to intentionally, willfully and knowingly poison, kill and frame us with and we can’t hold them accountable for their wrong and unjust actions.

We’re saying that CLUBS and ACTIVITIES that are in WHITE SCHOOLS that tap into their innate passions, and gifts should also be readily available for those in our inner city schools, and LEGISLATION should not suppress it.

We’re saying that LEGISLATED ills and maltreatment should not be criminalized by those who commit them ignorantly.

We’re saying that ZERO TOLERANCE of verbal and physical bullying and aggression isn’t accepted, expected or tolerated because of a zip code.

We’re saying that trauma, and poverty makes it hard to be an astute student so to hold their parents and the children to a level of expectations but yet cut the needed clinicians to assist them in becoming whole is asinine and ludicrous.

We’re saying that if TECHNOLOGY is the wave of the future, give our children a curriculum that mirrors where AMERICA IS HEADING.

We’re saying that if TECHNOLOGY and CODING are key, why are inner city BLACK and BROWN children criminalized for the brilliance they possess to go around high price security to do the same thing as these WHITE Tech heads.

We’re saying that although we don’t see the WHITE ONLY SIGNS today. it is implied by the prices of clubs and camps and by the distance and when WE EDUCATED moms and dads apply for jobs we are either turned down or paid ridiculously low salaries.

We’re saying that when PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT is expected and demanded, they will show up but we are ALL privy that if the MAIN PIECE to the puzzle is empowered, educated, and encouraged to be active, the malpractice our children of color are subjected would NOT go on. WE WOULD HOLD ALL STAKE HOLDERS ACCOUNTABLE for these defected children.

We’re saying that when GOOD NUTRITION is provided and allowed. Children in our inner city are no different from those of the affluent areas, THEY WILL PERFORM AND OUTPERFORM.

We’re saying reputable employment should be provided but since that is a no go, at least the poor should understand ALL that is within them. O yes, there is indeed an entrepreneur inside ready to come to the surface.

We’re saying that the POLY TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDERS that plague our poor children and families and also that is LEGISLATED be dealt with prior to them coming to school.

We’re saying that educators who have built a relationship with their students and families be allowed to teach accordingly.

We’re saying that it is now time to rid that damn school to prison pipeline because it is not fair or just, and we know that it starts with these slumlords, chemically hazardous communities, and high levels of lead that cause these mental issues that are LEGISLATED for certain areas.

We’re saying that NO LONGER should excuse be allowed because of zip codes as the reason why expectations and standards are low and years of BREACHING CONTRACTS have been permitted.

We’re saying that poverty does not equate to intellectual abilities, check the history books, PLEASE!


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