Police Brutality: Family Of Pregnant Victim Is Demanding Answers

Washington state pregnant Native woman, a victim of police brutality, was shot and killed by sheriff’s deputies in front of her children.

The United States witnessed another case of Blatant police brutality. A pregnant  Native woman from Washington state was shot and killed by King County sheriff’s deputies who were supposed to be conducting a wellness check Friday night. Another death of the innocent person which is recorded in the bloody books of the law enforcement  still keeps the neighborhood community shocked. We have gathered the most insightful facts about the entire incidence from reliable resources:


Renee Davis, a pregnant 23-year-old Native American mother of three, was shot and killed by police on Muckleshoot tribal land in Washington state Friday evening.

The police arrived at Davis’s home for a “wellness check.” Davis suffered from depression, and her foster sister, Danielle Bargala, said a friend reportedly called police after Davis sent a text saying “she was in a bad way.” See more


On Friday night two officers went to check on her at home after a worried friend called police.

The officers claim they knocked on her door several times and when they entered found Davis was armed inside with two young children.

Authorities have not clarified yet the case of police brutality, but Davis was shot dead by the deputies, leading her family to say they had a lot of questions about the circumstances of the shooting. Read more


Bargala, a Seattle University law student, told the Seattle Times that police brutality has left the family with a lot of questions.

King County Sheriff’s Sgt. Cindi West said that deputies tried to get someone to come to the door but nobody did. When deputies entered the home, they found Davis armed with a handgun, West said.

Somehow, deputies ended up firing multiple shots, hitting Davis, who was pronounced dead at the scene. Her two children who were home at the time—ages 2 and 3—were not physically hurt. Davis’ third child, a 5-year-old, was at the home of a family friend at the time of the incident.

Bargala told the Times that she did not know if her sister had a handgun, though she acknowledged that Davis did own a hunting rifle.

Bargala said she didn’t know if her sister owned a handgun, although Davis did have a hunting rifle. “She loved hunting,” Bargala said. See more


Davis also loved working outdoors and participated in a fisheries training program, her sister said. More recently, she worked as a teacher’s aide in a Head Start preschool program.

Bargala said she had never known Davis to be violent, or even to discipline her kids harshly. “She was such a soft person,” Bargala said. See more


The officers involved were an eight-year veteran and a three-year veteran. Both deputies have been placed on paid administrative leave while the sheriff’s department investigates.

“It’s really upsetting because it was a wellness check,” Bargala said to the Tribune. “Obviously, she didn’t come out of it well.”

People with mental illness make up one-third to one-half of all people killed by law enforcement in the United States due to police brutality, Mic reported after the death of Alfred Olango in September.  Read more


 “My community is confused. We have our own police department in which we know our deputies personally. I never thought this would happen so close to home,” said Hunter Vaiese, a member of the tribal community. “She needed help, but she got bullets. It doesn’t make sense to me.” Read more

The case of Renee Davis adds to the record of innocent victims of police brutality.The police in America have permanently resorted to the use of lethal force when dealing with Black people even in the most unneeded circumstances. Police officers always act aggressively towards minorities. Our community deserves not to suffer such humiliations no more. This woman needed help but rather, was shot her death. The officers need to face the full rigorous of the law.

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