Missing Black Teen Girls’ Sister Claims Police Chose To Stand Still

The sister of two Black teen girls, who went missing 27 years ago blames Richmond County Sheriff, Richard Roundtree, for being ignorant.

Shanta Sturgis’ sisters, 16-year-old fraternal twins Dannette and Jeannette Millbrook, went missing back on March 18, 1990, while walking home from a convenience store in Augusta.

Since then she’s been living in hell. “We are being traumatized all over again,” Shanta Sturgis tells as the treatment she has been receiving from local police is awful. The case was ignored then mistakenly closed, the investigators were treating the desperate family members like criminals.

“We think a terrible injustice has been done,” local sheriff, who is Black, claimed and that was all.

“He’s not spoke with us one time since then,” Shanta claims. “I now think it was all talk ― that he did all that for publicity.”

The Fall Line Podcasts and one of its producers, Brooke Hargrove, got interested in the case and decided to raise awareness about the Black teen girls’ disappearance.

We “were not allowed to ask any questions,” Hargrove told HuffPost. “We were told the family could attend, but only if they asked no questions.”

However, prior to the start of the meeting, authorities allegedly added another condition.


“The twins’ mother, Mary “Louise” Sturgis, was made to [sit] in the waiting room,” Hargrove said. “She has never met with the police at the station about her missing daughters in the 27 years since they disappeared.”

The story is frightening, we once again see how police machine may change a man regardless the color of his skin and make him blind and deaf to the tears of his charges.

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