Pregnant Teen Beaten By Students Inside Tenn. High School

A pregnant teen student of Trezevant High School in Memphis, Tennessee, was on Monday attacked by group of students where one of the attackers kicked her in the stomach.

A 15-year-old pregnant student of Trezevant High School in Memphis was attacked by fellow female students which one of them consequently kicked her in the stomach.  The mother of this four month pregnant teen is furious about this incident and hence taking the matter up, WREG reported.

“I’ve talked to several administrators up here and I’ve told them what happened, and they’re like, ‘Oh, we’ll work it out’ or ‘we’ll get it fixed,’ and nothing has happened,” the teen’s mother, who was not identified, told WREG. “As a mother, you want to protect your children. But my child’s not safe at school; she’s not safe on the bus. What do I do?”

According to WREG, the assaulted girl was taken to the hospital after she had sustained injuries in the head and the back.

The mother of the pregnant teen reported, that wasn’t the first time that incident was happening to her. She was previously attached by boys on a school bus. The attack has been happening on and even off school premises, she added.

According to the girl, it was so surprising when the teacher stood idle without saying a word or making a move during the incident. “She wasn’t doing nothing,” she said. “She was just standing right there.”

This is a hate crime against this young teen and it’s absolutely inappropriate. The school would have to take a stand against such act and put the students involved before the law. Officials who also fell “blind eyes” to the situation must not go unpunished, because it’s their duty to protect the students in the classroom.

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