House of Clergy Will Thwart “Schools Takeover Plan” In Georgia

The plan to set up "Opportunity School District" will take away local control from communities, opponents of the plan say.

Last September, Gov. Nathaniel Deal of Atlanta Georgia announced that schools which are not performing as expected will be considered failing and would be run by a state set up, Opportunity Schools District (OSD).

A group of Black Clergymen and women are, however, set to thwart the planned takeover.  The clergymen and women stormed the governor’s office where they delivered a letter with about 100 signatures from religious leaders across the state of Georgia.

A referendum will be conducted in November to decide on a constitutional amendment to create what’s called the “Opportunity School District.” Opponents of the plan say it takes away local control from communities.

The Rev. Timothy McDonald of the First Iconium Baptist Church in Atlanta says pastors will ensure a “no” vote in November as it is believed that schools are better run under the mission’s (church) control as against the state due to lack of continuous maintenance and needed change.

It is noteworthy to remember that people invested in these areas with a clear set of objectives. The Rev. Lisa Allen-McLaurin of the West Mitchell CME Church among the others stressed that, “when you take the money out of the hands of the people who have been invested in those communities and in those children for years and years, you take it away from the people who know what is best for those children.”

It is argued that schools should be equipped and strengthened to ensure better performances rather than the imminent takeover plan by the government.

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