What Are The Chances Of Chance The Rapper?

Chance the Rapper's fans would like to see their idol in a new role.

A couple of years ago in one of the songs Chance the Rapper exclaimed, “They screamin’, “Chano for mayor,” I’m thinkin’ maybe I should.”  Now his fans are really doing so. They have even started a petition on chano4mayor.com hoping that their favourite rap artist will take over the chair of Rahm Emmanuel.



Chance has been really quite politically active recently. He also made some very generous donations to Chi-Town public schools and arranged the Chance Art And Literature Fund.


“Hey Chance, We think you’d be a great mayor. We love your music — we’ve been following your career from the first 10 days. We also love the work you’ve done to give back to the city that raised you. You represent Chicago on the world stage and you do us proud… We think if you ran, you would win. And if you won, you would do a good ass job. … You’d send a message that Chicago is ready for a new generation of leadership,” fans say on the site.

rap4 rap5

Though most of the illustrations are humorous this semi-joky initiative reflects the attitude of Chicago Black people to their current mayor and his complete helplessness to improve the situation in the city. But would you really like to see Chance is the mayor?

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