Worst Racist Ads Ever

You may consider Pepsi and Nivea racist ads the worst of all times but these seem to be just drops in the bucket.

The Black community is outraged by the recent clip by Pepsi starring Kendall Jenner. Social media users attack the company. Nivea hurried to remove their ‘white is purity’ story after a huge uproar on the internet.  But still… can we call the authors of these racist ads real trailblazers? Unfortunately not.

Here some more potentially racist or at least-tone-death.

For example, Nivea seems to have started insulting African-Americans many years ago. The picture below dates 2011.


Or Gap kids that treated the Black girl as an impersonated stanchion for her white… companion.


Or Tory Burch who made gnarled skinny white models dance to ’Juju on That Beat’ so popular among Black youth.

I wish all these rich companies, at last, understood that racist ads can advertise nothing but racism.

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